Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Strike Day 9...Weekend Recap (kind of long)

So yes..I'm still on strike. The phrase I get tired of hearing from hubz the most is, "I work and I'm busy." Umm...WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WHEN I GET UP AT 430 EVERY MORNING!!! So what if I have an office job and most days I'm not super busy. The fact is I like him also work. Add to that going to school, homework from said school, keeping track of my schedule, his schedule and the step-son's schedule it's amazing I ever get anything done, but I do! I often wonder if hubz' dad ever did anything around the house b/c why else would he think it's okay for him to not help with anything unless forced! I did grow up in a house where my dad didn't help with anything and I'll be damned if I'm going to live like that. This is his house too and he should have to help with the upkeep..outside AND INSIDE!!!

So...besides my continuing strike the weekend was good. Hubz put together a little party for me on Friday all the fam was there along with some friends and my newest nephew (not by blood but his parents are like family)Mason. He's perfect! Hubz spent way too much money on presents for me, but I loved them all. See I really do love the man and the way he takes care of me I just wish he'd pull his weight around the house, we are suppose to be a team.

Saturday I spent the morning scrapbooking with my Mason's mom, my favortist SIL and another friend M. Then it was off to a group meeting that was suprising productive and yummy. The group member that had us over fed us, it was great! I met my mom at my aunt's for a bit and b/c auntie had a birthday present for me. It was a beautiful hand painted basket. Now I just have to find somewhere to put it.

Sunday was busy with Church, soccer and then helping hubz at a side job for a couple of hours. When we finally got back home we got the basement unpacked and finally got all the electronics hooked-up. HOORAY...now I only have to use one remote.

All in all not too bad of a weekend. The step-son's done with soccer so our weeks won't be so busy and our weekends are pretty free. At least they will be after the Church family retreat this weekend, wedding next weekend and Thanksgiving.

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