Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Mind Numbing Thanksgiving Weekend!

So we arrived in PA early Thursday morning, like 130amish, then Thursday eveningish prior to our 6p dinner, we checked into our hotel. Thursday wasn't too terribly bad, don't get me wrong it wasn't great, but not bad. Friday I went shopping with my SIL and when got back hubz and his brothers were playing video games for multiple HOURS...RUDE MUCH!!!!!! We left at around midnitish...after I thought I'd die from boredom. Saturday I went wedding dress shopping with the SILs and the MIL only to come home and find the boys playing video games AGAIN!!! which they'd been doing since 11am, it's now 5p and they're going strong with no sign of stopping. Now I ask you in a house with ONE tv why in the HELLLL would they think this was okay. Seriously it's fucking RUDE. Now let's add to this that we're here until Sunday to do what exactly? There's nothing to do...oh wait we can be forced to play games, FUN TIMES!!!! I want to go time I'm not giving a choice we're leaving on Saturday. It's fine that he doesn't have to do anything for work but I'd like a little down time. I spent my weekdays sitting around doing nothing on the computer the last thing I want to do is spend a holiday weekend doing it.

The only two good things about this weekend, I got most of my Christmas shopping done and SIL may have found her wedding dress, that's assuming her mother doesn't talk her out of it.

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