Monday, December 8, 2008

Last Week

So last week turned out to be a lot slower than expected. Lil bro got in BIG trouble in school on Tuesday so our scheduled events for him were all cancelled...yup it was that bad. The nephews still spent the nite Friday and we still went to see Bolt, but there was no party on Saturday. So other than a team meeting for school and a party later that nite it was a quite day. Thursday I didn't have to play chauffer b/c hubz meeting with the potential client got moved to this week and the cub scouts are coming to the house this week as well. So the busy week looks like it's this week instead. However, eye on the prize...Saturday we go to the Christmas Tree farm in Ticonderoga to get our tree! Can't wait.

Christams is 17 days away and we are just about done. We finished up the step-son yesterday so now it's just a few stragglers. I can't believe that we're going to be done with shopping before the week of Christams. This is the first time ever. Hopefully next year we can be done at the beginning of December like I'd planned.

So that's the update from last week. I'll be better about this week.

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