Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to the Grinde

So we got home Sunday just in time for the Redskins game, not that it was worth my time...WHAT THE HELL!!!! I wonder what happened to the team that was playing like they deserved to make it to the playoffs and not through the back door but the front...grrrr not happy. After the game we headed over to my BFF's house for our weekly dinner. Then it was to bed for some R&R before sleep of course Gozer was full of it last nite b/c he hadn't seen us all weekend...he's so cute.

Now it's back to work. This morning I realized that I've temporarily misplaced by cell phone....hmmmmm sure wish I knew where the hell it was. This week's pretty slow compared to what our schedule use to be but busy compared to the last few weeks. Bowling tonite, school tomorros, den meeting tomorrow (i'm leaving b/c the boys are coming to our house for woodwork), RCIC thursday and I'm on driving duty b/c hubz has a meeting with a potential client. Plus Thursday my lil bro is coming to stay the weekend while my mom goes and picks up his birthday present...a shiba inu puppy, friday we have all the boys (4 including the step-son and bro) and we're making mini-pizzas and going to see bolt. Saturday is my lil bro's birthday party at my house. Few I'm exhausted just thinking about it....we'll be relaxing after the party and definately all day Sunday when we have nothing to do, except for dinner with the BFF and Christmas decorating.

Sure hope this week goes by quick....I can't believe there's only 24 days until Christmas. Where has the time gone? Only 5 months until we're actively TTC. This time next year we'll hopfully be preparing for a baby!

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