Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh Baby

This cutie is the reason for my extreme baby fever. And we're hoping that in the next year we can give him a little girlfriend. I just ordered my last set of BC and I must say I'm a little anxious. As I've mentioned before I have this extreme need to have complete control of my life and a plan for everything but as my wonderful hubz pointed out not long ago that whole planning my life thing hasn't worked out so great the past couple of years. So after I finish the last pack of Pills we're putting it in God's hands.
Sure I'm in school but I'm on track to finish in Spring of 2010 and we're on track to pay off two credit cards by the beginning of 2010, if not sooner, and we're not getting any younger. Hubz and I don't really want to have kids much after about 35ish so we gotta get started, especially since he just informed me that he wants 5 or 6 as compared to the 4 we had talked about. Apparently he's not aware that I'm human and I don't birth litters. He says once I have the first one I'm going to like it so much I'm going to just want to be pregnant again, some how I doubt it.
Let the count down two months we're gonna start the babymaking. Stay tuned!

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