Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This, that and the Other

My best guy friend is in the Army. He joined straight out of high school, unbeknownest to me, and really hasn't looked back. No matter what he says he loves it and like his dad and my dad he's destined to be a lifer. In the eight years that he's been in he's been deployed five or six times I think and everytime he goes I don't breathe fully until I know he's back on American soil. I just found out he's due to deploy again in February. While I admire him for what he's doing and I appreciate the sacrafice he's made I still can't help but think that every time he goes back he's tempting fate. He and my bestest, the one moving to Cali, are my constants. To think of life without either of them is unbearable. So in February when he leaves I'll be holding my breath once again until he returns. Pray for him.

I finished my first graduate course last nite. I got an A! Of course as the Professor pointed out this course is a cake walk compared to what's to come, but an A is an A. I'll take it. Now it's a little relaxing, a little party planning, some reading and painting and before I know it I'll be back in school this time with two classes. I can't wait!

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