Friday, January 23, 2009


I mentioned last week that I was taking two classes this quarter, marketing and economics. Well, after two weeks marketing is pretty much smooth sailing but economics is already killing me! I just have to struggle through and hope for a 'B'. However, I am completely and totally overwhelmed! When I first decided to go back to school hubz and I had a talk about how he'd have to do more, some quarters more than other, so that I could focus on school. Now here I am already two weeks in and I got nothing. He comes home and pretty much goes straight to play with his PS3. While I'm trying to study, do homework, cook dinner, take care of dogs and prodd the step-son to do the things he needs to do. God for bid I should say something because then he blows up about how he's such a crappy husband. WHAT?! I'm sorry that I thought you were actually going to pull some extra weight so I could do this thing that's so very important to me. I'm sorry that it's inconvient for you to get your son to be more responsible for himself and his life and to do things like take out the garbage without constantly being reminded or to put your fricking dishes in the dishwasher! I do the laundry, cook dinner, pay the bills, do the taxes and whatever else needs to done and most weeks I do it without complaint, except for laundry b/c I HATE laundry! I just need a little help. Is that really to much to ask? Last time I checked I wasn't the only one living in the house. There was another adult and an almost 10 year old, but he can't do hardly anything unless someone tells him and then when he does he wants you to throw him a damn party. I don't understand kids today. When I was his age I could already do my own laundry, was sharing all household chores with my 8 year old sisters and by the time I turned 11 I had cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner, long story for another day. What the hell, why's it so hard to clean your room, vacume, clean the bathrooms and sweep/mop? It's not brain surgery! Kids today have no responsibility they think things are just suppose to be handed to them and people are suppose to take care of them forever....yeah keep dreaming on that.

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