Wednesday, January 14, 2009

School, Hubz, House & LIfe

I started back to school last nite. I'm taking two classes this quarter, Marketing and Economics. Not to worried about the Marketing class but Economics may kill me but we'll see.

While I'm happy that hubz loves the Christmas present I got him, the PS3, I wish that he'd not let it monopolize so much of his time, especially now that I'm back in school. The step-son's room isn't finished, it's done being painted but he's still not moved into it. I need some paperwork so I can finish our taxes and the house is a frickin mess! However, he's playing stupid video games pretty much with all his free time. I don't understand why he'll help me out for a while just to placate me but then it's back to the same ol' same ol'. Please!!! for the LOVE OF GOODNESS be a team player! There are so many hours in the day for me to cook, clean, work-out do homework and take care of the 17 million other things that need to be done.

As previously mentioned the house is a mess. I'm hoping to get the dining room painted this long 5-day weekend because then that'll take care of a little more of the clutter. We'll see though.

Life is busy as usual. We're gearing up for the step-son's schedule to get busy again with cub scouts, RCIC and a spring sport. Add that to my already busy schedule and hubz busy schedule of video games and you could just call my life an amusement park! However, I do better when I'm busy, at least for a while, now if I could just get hubz to get with the program to make everything run smoothly.

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