Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've mentioned before about how I have this need to control everything in my life. While I realize that life does what it wants I still try my hardest to show it I'm the boss. However, that doesn't seem to be working for this whole baby thing. We're now pretty much done with our third month, I'm expecting AF's visit this weekend or the first half of next week, of the baby making thing and with no luck. It baffles me how people get PG all the time without even trying and maybe that's my problem I'm trying. Maybe everyone's right it'll happen when it happens, but I want it to happen NOW actually I want it happen YESTERDAY. I'm temping more to understand what my body is doing and I still have no clue. So next month I'm temping till I ovulate and nothing until I miss my period or get it and in June no temping at all. We have to take a break from Jul-Sep, so I'm not too PG for my sister's wedding in May, but then in Oct, assuming I'm still not KTFU, I'll decide what my next step. They say you can't even talk to a dr. until you've been trying a year so I still have until next summer some time. Until then I'm just gonna let things happen.

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