Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Fat Ass

Nope not someone else, but me. After a year and half of marriage I've been come a little too comfortable and weight the most I've ever weighed. Sure 150 to someone wouldn't be that big, but seeing as I don't even stand 5'0 it's a little bit more weight than I should be carrying around. So I've decided to focus my energy I'm spending trying to have a baby on trying to lose the fat! I'm going to LA to visit a friend in June so starting next monday I'll have almost exactly six weeks to lose at least 10 lbs but I'm hoping maybe 15. Sparkpeople and I are becoming reacquainted and I'm going to get Tae Bo from my sister-in-law. Between that, 30 day shred, walking and the various households chores I'm motivated. Plus I have all these cute 2-piece bathing suits that I want to wear but will not be putting this fat ass into if I don't lose some weight. This also helps me to not feel like such a failure about my inability to get pg, okay it doesn't really but I'm hoping it helps me keep my mind off of it.

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