Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, my hopes for a Christams baby were dashed on Friday. After a very weird short AF it's on to month three. We're getting to that point where we're going to have to take a break on the baby making for three months, so that I'm not far along for my sister's wedding in May 2010. So here's hoping this month is the month although I though last month was the month...we had perfect timing and everything, eh such is life.

Hubz and I had ANOTHER date on Friday. We went to the Improv to see Aisha Tyler. She was hilarous! Of course the date didn't start out so perfect we had to hike like six blocks b/c the GPS took us to the wrong place and we'd already paid twelve bucks to park. OF course I was wearing cute shoes and by the time we finally made it I thought my feet were bleeding. Needless to say we took the Metro back to parking. However all in all it was still a great nite. We're gonna try and go back next month.

It's back to school Tuesday. I've already started my online class, Law, I think it's going to be good. The syllabus is already way better than last quarter's. If only the same could be said about my live class. Only time will tell for both.

We're finally getting all the paperwork together for our refi on the house! Hooray it works out that we're going to save almost $400 which brings us to our ideal amount of what we wanted to pay originally. So excited! Those credit cards will be paid off before we know it.

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