Monday, June 8, 2009

New Week...Same Crap

It's true it is a new week with the same crap however at the end of this week I'll be enjoying a much deserved, much needed break from VA. I'm headed to LA to see on of my closest friends for 5 whole days! I can't wait. However, before I can hop on a plane and be carefree I first have to write a 10 page paper for Law and do some math homework. When I get back I'll be in the last week before my math final and while I feel pretty good about the stuff following the mid-term it's the stuff from the mid-term I'm a little worried about. The final in is cummulative so I have to put to use a little of everything. However, I'm not going to let it stress me out too much while I'm on vacay.

When I get back it's hubz' birthday week. Friday, his acutal birthday, he's golfing in an annual golf tournament my work does. Saturday we're having a party. Sunday is Father's Day and he and the step-son have a father/son tee time for 1130. We bought the step-son clubs over Memorial Day and hubz is so excited to take him out and I'm so excited to have them gone for 5ish hours. Of course two of those hours I'll be at my final study group but the other four are all mine to catch up on GH, finish my final paper for Law and just relax with a glass of wine and the dogs.

It seems as if after a rough couple of days between hubz and I we're back on track! No matter what I love that man!

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