Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last Free Days

This weekend is the last week before classes start again and this time hubz will be going to school too. Should be interesting to say the least. Our schedule is jam packed during the week, at least until the step-son is done with soccer the beginning of November. Then before we know it the holidays start and we're into a new year. So with these last few "free" days I'm gonna do some of the to do list that's been sitting on my dry erase board for the past two weeks. First, I'm going through a bag of halloween stuff my sister gave me then getting the nursery cleaned up from when we moved all our crap into there to paint the master. Saturday is hubz' 10-year high school reunion where happily I'll get to see some friends of my own I'm about as excited as he is, bet I won't be as excited for my own next year. Sunday's football...duh...and I'm thinking of making white chicken chili. It's a crockpot meal which means I can start and forget it, but we'll see. Monday is a holiday for me so I'm gonna do the lounging around I don't get to do on my Friday off b/c I'm too busy running errands...I can't Wait!

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