Thursday, October 22, 2009


Let's just chalk this week up to one big week of disappointment and move on to next week. First hubz loses his job and today (I'm pretty sure) we move on to month seven. With hubz' unemployement I move back and forth between anxiety, frustration and stress. With my failure to get pregnant, yet again, I'm just stuck at sad. I don't even think about it during the month until that fourth week when I'm due for my monthly visitor and then every cramp and feeling of quizzy stomach gets over analyzed. I don't even know why since I always know the result...another failed attempt. So I guess I'll go back to temping for November. Once April gets here, if I'm not pregnant which at this rate I'm not holding my breath for, I'll go see my OB and we'll start talking about tests and what not. Until then I'll go through the month blissfully ignoring my body's inability to do this one very important job and spend the fourth week completely aware of everything my body's doing.

Life's full of ups and downs, I know, but this week has been all down. It has to go back up next week, right?

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