Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Past 20 hours

The past 20 hours have been some of the most stressful of my life. Hubz got layed-off yesterday. I so frustrated and anxious! Frustrated because WTF we couldn't get a little heads up? JACKASSES! This was apparently out of left field. Not that I'm suprised really because that's just how the people he worked for operated. Anxious because his paycheck is what payed our mortgage. And while he has one more check left with this company it won't be a full paycheck which means we have to dip into our savings! At least there some money in there but not enough to get us through for long. Silver lining...he sent is resume to someone yesterday and has an interview with someone else today. Also, his resume is now ready for government job applying which is where I would prefer for him to work. I can't take him gettting fired every two to three years. I need him to have a stable job with some job security!

While I'm worried and will remain stressed, anxious and I'm sure somewhat frustrated, we've survived this before and we'll survive it again. We're fighters, hubz and I, and there's nothing that can keep us down for long. We always just get back up, dust ourselves off and trudge on because we have no other choice and because nobody's going to do it for us. My faith is what gets me thru, and apparently cigaretts is what gets him thru (though that's a blog of another day). We'll get to the other side and high five each other for the good job we did getting thru it. So fingers crossed it's sooner rather than later.

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