Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let's Remember

I'm working about a post all about the Bean's first birthday party but first I think I should take a minute to remember how 10-years ago the world changed forever.

I was in the second year of college and on my way to accouting when someone mentioned in the elevator that someone had just flown into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.  At hearing that the Penatgon was hit I kind of went numb, I mean my Aunt worked there, I walked to my class dropped off my homework, explained what was going on and went back to my room where my roommates and friends from the same area were huddled around the tv. We'd stay in glued to the tv for the next 12 hours. One group, one family, united as we watched in horror as our homes and our lives changed forever.

Schools in Florida tend to be made up of a lot of northerners and The University of Tampa was no different.  So while no one in my immediate group was personally touched by this horrible act there were members of campus that were touched and I grieve for them now like I did then.  I grieve for the soliders and their families that have lost their lives fighting for our freedom.  My faith tells me that it's not my place to judge those that were responsible but most days I find that difficult.  How do I not judge people that could do such things!  And so I pray that they recieved the judgement they deserved.

After that fateful day we as Americans came together as one.  We were united and yet 10 years later I wonder where that unity has gone.  We're more divided than kI can remember being in my time of understanding.  Why does it take a tragedy to unite people?  The beauty of America, and why some many want to be here, is because of our freedom to be who and what we are without fear.  We take care of our own, or it's what we tout, and yet our politicians, the people we elect into office, can't seem to take care of us.  I ask why are we no longer united.

On this the 10-year Anniversary of a tragedy that I will never forget I pray that we as Americans can get back to that unity that we felt and showed. 

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