Monday, September 19, 2011

September ...

The month of September exhausts me, and it's looking like this year October will be just about the same, from the moment the month starts until it ends we're going, going, going!  There's a birthday just about every day, including both or our boys, and with birthdays come parties.  I've mentioned my love of birthdays so it's not like I mind but come 30 September I need a nice long weekend just to get over all the birthday fun from September. 

Normally that break would come during  our Anniversary weekend, Columbus Day weekend -- it's the only holiday I get where the kids are still in school, but this year we're doing family day at the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday which means nothing exciting going on for our anniversary.  We'll go to dinner on the actual day and we're doing a lunch cruise with my college alumni group on Sunday but it's not quite as exciting as our Anniversary's were before the Bean came along.  Last year we were just happy to have made it through the Bean's hospital stay.  I guess this year we're just happy to have survived the Bean's first year.

Of course October also brings my birthday and this year's a big one ... 3-0!  I was trying to plan my own party, since every year it's like everyone is surprised that I have a birthday, but have now been yelled at twice by my sister-in-law, who assures me that she's working on something -- guess time will tell.  Since my birthday's Halloween I don't get all the fun stuff that hubby gets, like dinner out, but I do take the day off from work to have some me time.  I already have plans to get a massage and I'm trying to decide if I want to get highlights in my hair.  I'm a little nervous since my hair is finally healthy after 15+ years of chemically relaxing it but I still have a little time to decide.

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