Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Friends ...

Sometimes I wish I was a kid again, it was so easy to make friends.  However, then I remember how I was picked on for a time in elementary school and I rethink that wish.  But seriously being a grown-up, momma and wife makes it hard to find people to hang out with because I'm always busy, tired or with my little cutie.  And don't get me wrong I love it but sometimes I wish I had people in my life that were in the same place in their life that I could do things with ... of course if I did they'd never have any time because they'd be busy being a grown-up, Momma and wife. It's quite the quandary.

I sound like I'm some pathetic person who does nothing but sit in her house all alone moping and while most days I feel like that I do have some friends.  My bestest friend in the whole world (she's pictured here) and I have been friends for close to 20 years! I love her like she's my sister because really after 20 years she might as well be but she's currently living in Cali and some days my heart hurts to have her so far away.  She's moving back to VA in December and will be in Norfolk and I'm so excited and see many a road trip in my future!  I also have hubz' sister whose one of my dearest friends and handful of other ladies that I love dearly so I'm not really sure of the point of this post because I do have friends.  It's just sometimes I wish that I knew someone close by that was a working, kick-ass, weekday single Momma like myself that I could just call up and be like .. "Hey get thee and thy brood to my house for some grub."  But alas I don't and so most days I feel like I'm all alone.  Yes, I'm married but as I've mentioned ad nauseum hubz' job is shitastic and not family friendly AT ALL, so I spend a lot of nites taking care of things on my own and I'd just like a buddy to hang out with and drink wine with while our kids tear my house apart.  But since that's not in the cards I guess it's just me, my glass of whine wine and, at least for this week, a fussy baby (he's got an ear infection).  The good news is my baby's cute and the wine is readily available and delicious.

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