Monday, October 17, 2011


The Bean turned 13 months two weeks ago, I still need to do his 13-month post, and he's growing by leaps and bounds.  When he was first born, especially after he was so sick I use to compare him to friends babies that were a few weeks older and younger then him.  Then I realized I was going to drive myself crazy doing that because he was going to do what he wanted, when he wanted and there was nothing I could really do about it short of being  his cheerleader when he mastered a new skill.

In the last month all our kids have turned one and the Bean is still on his own schedule of doing things.  He's still not walking and really isn't showing any signs of wanting to.  He only has 4.5 teeth, that .5 is taking it's sweet time coming in.  He was FINALLY sleeping through the nite until 2 weeks ago when he got his first ear infection and started cutting 4 teeth at once ...FUN!!!  And still I don't worry that he's behind until I see that one of the little people is already in a toddler bed and the other's parents have bought a training potty and are getting ready to start potty training!  So now I'm asking myself, am I holding him back?  The thought of him in a toddler bed stresses me out because the kid gets into EVERYTHING and putting him in a room, by himself at nite where he is free to roam around just seems like a bad idea.  And potty training, really, he can't even really talk yet!

Yesterday my mother-in-law said she was in awe of the fact that I hadn't become a helicopter parent after his illness (I'm paraphrasing).  And while I was a little OMG about everything at first, I eventually realized that he's a kid. He's going to get sick and eat dirt and there's nothing I can do about it except love him and console him and hope he doesn't swallow too much of it -- the dirt.  So I guess I'll just take everything in stride, just like I have since he was born, he'll tell us with his behavior when he's ready for a toddler bed and too potty train.  Sure at this point we have a plan for both but the plan is just that and not set in stone.  If come 18 months he's not ready for either then we'll reevaluate. 

This parenting thing is tricky and comparing our kids makes it even harder.  So I'm taking a step back and really realizing that everyone parents differently.  I hate diapers and would love to be done with them, but since we're having more kids ... I hope ... diapers are in my for see able future so rushing The Bean out of them doesn't really mean much.  And sure I wish it was a little easier to put him to bed when he's fallen asleep but in to short a time he won't even need me to put him to bed so I'm cherishing this time while I can because really it's gone before we know it.

Happy Monday.

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