Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I've mentioned before that ever since having the Bean I cry more frequently.  Lately, I feel like I'm in a heightened state of emotions.  I'm not really even sure why, well I partially am the hubz and I are in a weird place right now, and since I'm not 100% sure why it's hard for me to go about fixing it.  It's like I'm being tested.  Tested as a mother and wife mostly and I'm not passing the test. 

After 13 months of motherhood I'm more overwhelmed now then I was when the Bean finally came home and was on special formula and a feeding schedule.  The Hubz and I are in a rut and feel like we just keeping getting further and further in with no sign of ever it getting better.  That last one is the biggy and what hurts my heart the most.  It's like I can physically feel us moving apart.

I went into parenthood knowing that my life and marriage would change but this is not what I was expecting, AT ALL.

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