Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dumpling 20 weeks (1 day)

Holy heck we're halfway there!  And really if my dr's right more than halfway since I delivered the Bean two weeks early.  We're uber busy until October but after that it's on like Donkey Kong to get things ready for Dumpling's arrival.

Besides hitting the halfway point this week we also had out big ultrasound.  While normally it would be where we'd have also found out the sex  we didn't, ya know since we're Team Green and all. So without further delay my stats for this week.

How far along? 20 weeks, 1 day

Total weight gain/loss: after my appointment this past Friday I'm down another 4, which brings my total loss to 8, according to the dr but really I'm at like 13 if I count what I weighed at home before I started seeing the dr.
Maternity clothes? ummm...heck yes and I have been since about 9 weeks, but I'm still also wearing a lot of non-maternity too.  I'm sure this will start change in the next couple of weeks.

Stretch marks? no new ones.

Sleep:'s not to bad when Hubz isn't snoring or flipping around like a dead fish moaning because of the neck/back problems he's had for the last two weeks

Best moment this week: our big ultrasound....even though we didn't find out the sex it was still nice to see Dumpling and how big he/she's gotten since the last time.

Food cravings: nothing really, I'm just happy to be able to eat more than rice, although it's not much more and it's definitely not rice anymore.

Gender: no idea and we won't know until December when Dumpling makes his/her appearance

Labor Signs: goodness NO and it better stay that way for a while

Belly Button in or out? getting flatter as the days progress

What I miss: food and not having heart burn

What I am looking forward to: figuring out when and whose going to take my maternity pictures.  I know I want them to be fally, so it'll be sometime in October but that's all I got.  My normal photog moved 2 hours away so I'm not sure if she's even an option but I'm going to talk to her and see.

Weekly Wisdom: do whatever you have to in order to get sleep, even if it means moving to another room where your Hubz isn't trying to win a Gold medal for snoring.

Milestones: got to eat steak and cheese the other nite and it was sooooo delicious...did I mention how much I miss food?

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