Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nothing Really

I have nothing exciting to say really....such is the story of my life. Next weekend is Valentine's Day and looks like there'll be a whole lot of nothing going since hubz had to take the day off today b/c the step-son is "sick". This means we'll be missing a day of pay so I get to make up the difference in the mortgage, again, with my paycheck. So glad I got that raise. We're going to try and refi in a few months. After we get our tax check we want to get one credit card payoff and another paid down some, to hopefully help with bringing down our intrest rate...fingers crossed. Schools going a little better than expected, I think I have a 'B' in Econ! and I'm less than one point from a 'B' in Marketing. I'm hoping my paper this week will help me bring that grade up to a 'B'.

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