Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yard Work

So we bought this house 7 months ago and it was a foreclosure. Though it was way better than most of the foreclosures we looked at it still needs a little TLC. Lots of paint and tons of yard work, especially in the back yard. Well, this past weekend we started with yard work and while it doesn't look like much yet with the right eye you can see what is has the potential to be. Unfortunately for me, my allergies do not enjoy the yard work and after spending Saturday and Sunday outside most of both days I woke up yesterday with sneezing, sniffles and watery eyes...oh the joys. Add to the allergies sinus pressure and it's like a day at the carnival! I then thought it'd be a good idea to bowl yesterday where at least 1/2 the bowling alley smokes...HELLO ASHTHMA!!! My asthma is pretty mild and really only acts up when I'm sick or my allergies are really bad. Needless to say I had an asthma attack at bowling, thank goodness for my inhaler that I found out was almost empty! DAMN IT...it was enough to help a little but by the time I got home I had to have a breathing treatment..where the only bright spot was that little Gozer was freaked out by the machine and barking at me like a vicious killer. Lucky for me I've learned to not overreact when I can't breath, it makes it worse. Now I'm at work, I remembered to take my allergy med and it's a whole new day. I tell you what I sure hope this isn't just a glimpse into what allergy seasons going to be like this year!

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