Monday, March 9, 2009


Holy hell it's been almost three weeks since my last post...i'm such the slacker which was quite evident last nite by my marketing homework not being done until about 1030, my bed time's 10 i do get up at 430. Speaking of school I'm still carrying a 'B' in both classes two weeks left to go. I'm hopeful I can maintain or maybe even get the marketing, which is an 85, to an 'A'..fingers crossed.

In other exciting youngest sister is only 4 short weeks away from delivering my newest nephew and my other sister has begun the wedding planning. What an exciting time for my sisters and mom and me really.

As for me no news on the baby front, not that I'd be announcing it here before the 2nd trimester anyway. My best friend and her husband have decided they're going to start trying for their second so maybe we'll be pregnant together...that'd be cool.

It's slow as work this week, all the powers that be are at a meeting, so I'm sure I'll be updating on my mundane life everyday this week.

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