Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Road Trip

So our first road trip with the Bean has been planned and the details are being worked out and this Momma is trying to get her Type Aness (<~yup totally a word) in check.  I have lists for my lists, ALREADY, and we're not even leaving until next month.  I love a good road trip but quite honestly I'd rather fly most place so I can just be there.  But with money being tight and the cost of an airplane trip for four way surpassing the cost for us to drive, well you get the picture.

Where are we going?  To New England.  The hubz' family lives up there and there's an Uncle and a Grumpy (Hubz' ex-step-dad who is still considered family) in Vermont that have yet to meet little man, so a traveling we will go.  There's also apparently a serious girlfriend that said Uncle has and hubz has yet to meet and since this is his little brother a stamp of approval must be bestowed.  We'll also be stopping in Massachusettes on the way back down to VA to visit with hubz' mom and her siblings, who have also not met the Bean.  All this will be happening in the span of about 3 days.  To say it'll be a busy weekend is an understatment.  The whole reason we're evening going up is because the step-son will be on spring break and as is just about tradition he'll be spending the week with his Noni (hubz' mom).

My hope is that Bean sleeps most of the trip, since we're leaving late Thursday nite, but we'll see.  I'm excited and nervous and I'm sure between now and then I'll have plenty to say about the whole trip.

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Unity Title said...

Yay! Road trip. It's been a couple of years since we did this together!

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