Monday, March 7, 2011

The Hubz

So Hubz says that he was catching up on the blog and that I never said anything good about him.  I told him he was wrong but hey maybe he's right.  So I dedicate this entry to the love of my life. 

See him up there with our little Bean?  He's a good looking fella!  And is paving his way to heaven by being married to me.  I like to say I'm spicy, but the truth is I can be difficult and stubborn when I want to, and this man just takes it all in stride.  He hardly ever loses his patience with me, unless I push him to far, and he puts up with all of my bitchiness.  He really was made for me because he balances my Type A personality with his Type B.  He reminds me to stop and enjoy life and is there when I need a laugh.  And while he may not do anything I ask him, when I ask him, he eventually gets to ... eventually.  And sure I'm gonna be stuck being the mean parent while he's the fun one I'm glad my kids will have that balance, although it'd be nice to get to be the fun parent everyone once in a while.

So while I may tend to focus on what he doesn't do and less on what he does I do appreciate this man that God has blessed me with.  We've had our rough patches, but what relationship hasn't, and I'm sure we'll have many more to come.  However, I couldn't nor would I have picked someone better to take this journey of life with.  He's my anchor.  I love ya babe, forever and always!

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