Monday, March 28, 2011


Teething isn't fun for anyone.  Not for Bean or Momma or Daddy.  He's been drooling for what seems like months but still no teeth!  And I swear I've seen a little white something on his gums for what seems like weeks but still no teeth!  In the name of all that is holy please bring my little man's suffering to an end, and really mine and hubz' too, and cut this damn tooth already!  The up and down of the fever and the bi-polar disposition is enough to drive a Momma crazy.  It's a little exhausting when one minute he's all smiley and happy and in the blink of the eye his screaming, yes SCREAMING, like someone is killing him.  Not to mention the only way to even get him to take a breath from the screaming is by nursing, so I feel like a human pacifier but if it makes him feel better I'll do it.

I wonder if there's some kind of baby teeth dance I can do?

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