Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I cry

I was always an easier crier, especially after my parents split up, but since Trip has been born it's even more so.  I was blaming it on the hormones for the longest time, but now that he's almost 6 months I can't imagine I still have tons of hormones streaming through me making me act crazy so the explanation must just be that it comes with being a mom. I cry when I think about what we went through the first two weeks of his life and how we weren't sure we'd get to this point or what this point would look like.  I cry when I think about how on Monday he'll be 6 months and how it's gone so fast and before I know it we'll be celebrating his 1st Birthday. Hubz frequently laughs at me becuase I cry when I think about how fast the last 6 months have gone by and I feel like before I know it Trip will be starting school, then dating, off to college, married and with kids of his own.  And then I step back take a breath and bring myself back to the present because while I know those things are all going to happen the sane part of me knows they're YEARS away and right now I have this tiny little person that relys on me for everything and thinks that I'm the most important person in his life.  So I'll take these days for what they are a gift.  A gift to enjoy and cherish and love and be thankful for.  I may not always get all the housework done or dinner cooked and on the table when I want but I try and I know in the end all that will matter is that I did the best I could, with a lot of tears along the way.

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