Monday, June 27, 2011

Horrible Neighbors

That's apparently what our neightbor thinks we are.  Since we moved into our house almost 3 years ago, in August, we've had the county called  on us about one thing or another.  Everything pretty much came to a head on Friday when I found out that our neighbor, we have several but this is our only next door neighbor the others live across the street or are seperated by many trees and a creek, decided to talk to my 11 year old step-son about things she would like us to do at our house.  Okay now I'm the first to admit that in my marriage hubz is the more reasonable, reserved of us but I especially lose all reasonableness when you involve my child!  Had my sister-in-law and a friend been at our house I probably would have marched right over to this woman's house and let her know what I thought of her, this could have ended badly, but instead I kept my wits about me -- barely -- called hubz and ranted and raved then called the Momma and ranted some more.  Saturday Hubz tried, you just can't reason with bitchiness, to talk to her about talking to our child and about her harrassment, since at this point that's what it is, and she pretty much told him that we're horrible neighbors and that it's been painful living next door to us. WTF!!!  We've been in the house 3 years, we bought it as a foreclosure and hubz lost his job for 6 months so we were just happy to keep the lights on, water running and a roof over our head!  But she doesn't care because as she kept telling Hubz, owning a house is a responsiblity -- YA THINK!!! -- sure our backyard doesn't look as well kept as hers but we also don't have the money to pay yard people and we have jobs and kids to take care of.

Sufice it to say -- it's now war and this woman has no idea who she's messing with!  Oh and did I mention we have no HOA so anything and everything we do, or don't do, to our house is because we want to and not because we have to.  She reminds me why I HATE people.

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