Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Summer To-Do

Last summer I was oh so KU with Bean and about the only thing I could make my self do was float around our pool.  This year though I've got big plans, if they get accomplished is yet to be seen, to take care of somethings around the house.  Since I have the worse time holding on to a extended to-do list I figured I'd just put it here, this way I'll know where it is.

Repaint kitchen cabinets
Paint MB and cabinets
Regrout the kids bathroom
Front room curtains
T-shirt quilt

Really I'll probably be lucky to accomplish even one of these projects.  Simply because I have this super cool, squishy little dude I'd rather be hanging out with.  But I'm going to try really hard, REALLY, REALLY hard to at least get two done.  However, before I can even think of accomplishing anything I have to get through two very important days.

First, there's baby sister's wedding next weekend.  I can't believe it's finally here and I can't wait to see how beautiful she is and I hope her day is everything she wants it be.  Second, Hubz is turning 30 the weekend after the wedding and I have to see what he wants to do.  So far we haven't discussed it but I'm sure we'll do something I'm mean it's 30!  That means he's a REAL grown-up and not just playing one!

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