Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trip's 1st Birthday Party Planning - Take 1

In the last month I've had my fair share of parties, sounds crazy even to me since I LOVE a good party, but in 2 months, and one week I'll be partying the day, or at least a couple of hours, away in celebration of the Bean's 1st Birthday.  I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned my LOVE of birthdays.  It's the one day out of the year that's all about you, I secretly feel bad for multiples because they have to share that day with other siblings, when you get to enjoy having everyone focus on you -- I of course love to have this happen everyday but that's just me.  So you can best believe I've been bouncing around thoughts for Trip's birthday for quite awhile, not since he's been born but at least since he was 6 months. 

Before we found out we were having a little boy, which didn't happen until they pulled him out of my stomach, I fell in love with this cute Turtle bedding and that's what is currently in his room.  I also have a LOVE polka dots and well since really the 1st Birthday is more about the parents surviving the first year and the baby surviving the parents survivng the first year I used those two thinks, Turtles and polka dots, for the theme of Trip's birthday.  I found the cutest invite that incorprates the two and so I'm pulling the colors from it:

Mod Turtle First Birthday Party Invitation
See SO cute!
 I spent some time on Pintrest, my newest obsession because I need another social time suck, finding a few cute ideas like this cake:

Google Image Result for http://www.abccakeshop.com/uploads/first_birthday_turtl
Nothing like a turtle with a bithday hat!
 and this little 1st year time line:
The Macs: one year old in a flash {party details}

We're also going to get a bounce house, I'm hoping I can find a Turtle one, so that there's stuff for the kids to do beside swim.  And I'm thinking about games but may not do any since Trip's still kind of small for them but there most definitely will be a pinata, what's a kids birthday without a pinata?

So with only two months, and a week to go, I'm in party planning mode.  I can't wait and at the same time I can.  I'm sad that my little guy is already going to be 1, where'd the time go?  But I know we have many and adventure left!  Did I mention that exactly 2 weeks after this party I'll be having another birthday party, this time for the step-son.  September is just TOO busy with birthdays and that's why there will be no serious baby talk until at least February.

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