Monday, November 7, 2011

Daylight Savings

I missed my post yesterday thanks to daylight savings.  What a horrible, horrible invention!!!  The Bean was uber cranky all day which made for an uber cranky Momma.  He fought sleep, crying for 15 minutes after I put him down for bed but then he slept through the nite so I suppose I can't complain too much.  I was in bed by 730 and sleep by 9 but with eight hours of sleep in me I feel refreshed and ready for the week!  Which is different because normally I dread Mondays.

November is looking like a fantastic month.  This weekend I'm joining my scrapbooking ladies for a weekend at the beach, away from the husbands, for scrapbooking and relaxing.  The last one I went to we had just announced we were expecting the Bean and my all day sickness from hell had kicked in, I'm think this time will be a little more fun.  Next weekend my youngest nephew turns 1 and we know how I love a birthday so that's really all the explanation required.  Then before I know it we're at Thanksgiving and Black Friday ... I'm so excited to get my shop on with my favorite sister-in-law.  With such a busy month I think I better start scheduling posts so I don't miss another one this month.

Happy Monday!

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