Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Gnome and that Scream Guy

Halloween is my absolute FAVORITE holiday, yes it's a holiday, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that it's my birthday.  Now that I have a kid that I can dress up it's even more fun!!

We originally weren't going to get the Bean a costume, I couldn't see spending the money for a costume that he was going to wear for all of 10 minutes so I could take pictures then my Mother-In-Law asked and I figured if she wanted to spend the money all the power to her and that's how he wound up being a Garden Gnome, well that and because the Hubz has an obsession with garden gnomes (which is a post for itself).  He HATED it and since I'm going for "Mother of theYear" I found his hatred highly entertaining, yup got that award all tied up.

The picture on the left is very misleading, he's not happy. (Sorry for the crappy pictures, still learning my camera)
The step-son also dressed up because if he wants to trick-or-treat he has to dress up, that's the house rule.

So that was a our Halloween.  I stayed home with the Bean where we only got maybe 15 kids and 8 of those came from next door -- the neighbors have 10 kids but 2 are high school age so I'm sure they were off doing there on thing.  The Bean was in bed by 730 and I called it quits an hour later.  My how things have changed, but hey after 3 days in I'd say 30 isn't looking so bad.

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