Thursday, November 17, 2011


I've got thoughts swirling in my head due to somethings going on at home but I can't find the words to put them down on paper so until I can all I have are some randomness that is my life.  Like the fact that I was paying some bills today, it's payday and being a grown-up sucks on payday, when I saw that we only have 27 years and 8 months left on our mortgage ... YES!   Or that I hate my neighbor, and I don't use the word hate lightly, the woman is a busy body and cannot mind her own damn business. Did I mention I'm going to see Breaking Dawn Saturday morning?  SO EXCITED! 

Speaking of Saturday I have a jam packed day with a  pee wee football championship game for one nephew and a first birthday party for my youngest nephew, it's going to be a weekend full of family and I can't wait.

Here's hoping I can work out the words swirling into my head for tomorrow.

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