Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This house buying process is a little exhausting. Besided the packing who knew there was so much entailed? Inspections, insurance quotes, more inspections, papers to sign, checks to write, more papers to sigh...whew! However, all our inspections have gone GREAT, I only had to call one other place to get an insurance quote that wasn't totally absurd and so far only two semi-large checks have been written. Of course we haven't gone to closing yet so that could all change. We're still waiting on our apprasail, hopefully the apprasail isn't crazy.

Now I just have to pack the rest of the house with no help from my wonderful husband, he's too busy at least that's what he keeps saying. Apparently I do nothing so I have all the time in the world to pack an entire 3 bedroom single-family home! But I'm not bitter.

I already have plans for the bathroom on the main level of the new house...it's going to be my first project. I'm hoping we can have a birthday/housewarming in October, but we'll see.

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