Friday, July 25, 2008


So SURPRISE!!! We're not closing today. We now have no cable and all our movies are packed. Add to this I found out last nite that our rate expires on 5 August and nobody can say when we'll be able to close. Which means come next Friday..we'll be HOMELESS!!!! Sure we have family to stay with but that won't be our home it'll be us taking up space in someone elses house! Oh and we have to find somewhere to put all our crap. When it rains it pours. I can't even find a silver lining in this crap. I'm PISSED! I mean WTF it's not like our closing date was a suprise for this other settlement company. Jackasses! Woosah!

Now I'm stuck here at work, when I should have been moving into my very own house today. Oh and on top of the stress of not closing and being stuck in the crap hole that is our current home...Curtis' mom is here. It's going to be a great weekend. Maybe I'll take a road trip.

But wait there's more. I stopped at Starbucks this morning for a soothing White Chocolate Mocha, it makes me happy, and when I walked out the shop I see my stupid car pouring something out of the bottom. Please keep in mind and don't know the first thing about cars, except for where the oil, windsheild wiper fluid and gas goes, but I was almost 100% sure I knew what this lovely fluid flowing from car was...COOLANT!!!! WTF!!! Can't I catch a break, I just got this hunk of junk back. Sure enough I get down on the ground to check it out and there's nice green tint, DAMN IT!!! Now my mother is bringing me more coolant so that I can get home. I think this may be a weekend full of lots of grown-up beverages. Does that make me an alcoholic?

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