Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh the Pain

I started working out on Monday, Tae-Bo, it wasn't too bad and I was only a little sore yesterday. They yesterday I was back at the 30 Day Shred, damn I'm out of shape, and today my body is sore, sore, sore! It's okay though I know I have to push through the pain and it'll get better, at least that's what I'm hoping. I haven't been impressed by the Jillian Micheals website I registerd for and now I'm sad that I wasted the money. I think I might just cancel and only be out the $20.

In other news I got my math mid-term back last nite, got a B. I'm a little upset with my self b/c it could have been a hight B, but I'm just going to keep that in mind for the final since there's nothing I can do about the mid-term.

It's my last day of work for 5 days!!!! We're headed to the beach with hubz' family. I can't wait for the break. Of course I have a project and homework prolems to do for math and paper due for Law but hey I'll get it done and still enjoy my mini-vacation! I still plan to workout while I'm there too. We're leaving Thursday so I'll try to get my 30 Day Shred in before we leave then I'll bring Tae-Bo with me for Friday and Monday. Saturday and Sunday I've reserved for walking so that shouldn't be too hard to get in and I figure the ladies can maybe join me while we leave the kids with the boys! Hopefully I'll have tons of pictures to show when I return.


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