Friday, May 15, 2009

Weight Loss

So I've been saying for two weeks now that I was going to start working out and eating better. Here I am two weeks later and I've put on more weight! That's it I'm done. Getting dressed for work today I put on a shirt I wore just last week and is now to tight! Seriously! So I just signed up for Jillian Michaels weight loss plan, it's $4/week, $52/quarter and even if I decide I don't like it they're keeping a non-refundable $20 for a five week minimum so for the next 5 weeks at least I'm getting serious. I think after 5-weeks it'll such a part of me that even if I decide to cancel it won't matter b/c I'll still continue doing what I was doing, at least that's what I'm hoping. I just can't take being fat! I won't be that girl with the giant gut wearing a two piece, thanks but no thanks. I talk about those girls I don't want to now be the girl being talked about.

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