Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Take It Back

Have you ever told someone something that you wish you could take back? That's how I'm feeling about this whole baby thing. I wish that I hadn't felt the need to share it with everyone because now people want to know if we are, when we're gonna be or how come we're not. AHHHHHHH!!!! I know it's what I get for being an over sharer, but I resolve to do better not to be.

In other non-baby realted news, b/c I feel like lately that's all I blog about, Mother's Day is coming up and my sisters and I have the best gift! We're getting tickets to go see The Color Purple with our mom. Of course she's trying to rain on our parade by buying ticktes herself but we're all over it. We're going to dinner with her Friday, b/c my youngest sister will be in Richomond with her boyfriend on Sunday, and will give her the tickets then. I'm so excited I've had this planned since Christmas when I found out The Color Purple would be here.

Sunday hubz, the step-son and I have brunch plans with the rest of hubz siblings for his mom and then dinner with my mom and other sister and best friend at my house Sunday nite. Something just has to be planned for hubz' step-mom and that covers all the moms. I tell you what his multimarrying family can be a little exhausting. At least with my family it's one mom and one dad and that's it. When it comes to siblings his family's even worth b/c there's so damn many of them. I have my 2 sisters and brother, he has 3 sisters and 4 brothers and not all from the same parents...it's exhausting! But such is the life I married into, it definately never allows for a dull moment.

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