Friday, May 22, 2009


So here we are in NC beautiful weather nice house and what's hubz doing...playing video games. He says I've been on the computer all day, um yeah fine but besides being on the NEST I'm also trying to do homework. And at least being on the computer doesn't require me to be in a whole seperate room ignoring family. If I wanted that I could have stayed home. So now I'm working on more homework, oh the joy of school work on holidays, and making him peel potatos for the dinner we're responsible for tonite. My guess is he thought I was going to cook the whole thing. Ummmm...hello did I mention I had a migraine! WTF I cook dinner every nite at home, except Tuesday b/c I have school, you can't be bothered to help out for one nite on vacation. REALLY?!!!

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