Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday, Friday

Today's Friday!!!! At lease it is for me because I'm off tomorrow which my weekend offically starts this tonite and I couldn't be happier. It's been a long two weeks at work and it's just gearing up for our busy season, summer, so I expect to even more exhausted as time progresses. The silver lining I have lots of mini-vacations with and without hubz scheduled through out the next couple of months.

Expect for Strawberry picking on Saturday, which I SO EXCITED for, we have no big plans for the weekend. House stuff as usual, with a sprinkle of school and Mother's day festivities on Sunday. I already have all the Mother's day cards, except one, and I just have to do gifts for my mom and sisters. Hubz mom is all done and we already know what we're getting his step-mom we just have to pick it up. Besides Septemeber, when there's a birthday every day except for maybe seven, Mother's Day is the next most expensive day for us as far as cards go. Thank goodness for Hallmark and my rewards card.

In unrelated news my work as blocked Facebook. I'm so sad but really just figured it was only a matter of time. Now I actually have to work or find some other way to waste time. Maybe I'll try focusing more on the latter.

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