Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Bean

It occurs to me that I never posted about the Bean's first 2 weeks of life. I've got the post all typed up so I'll have to post it tonite when I get home from work. Those first two weeks were probably the longest, most draining days of my life and yet we survived, thank God, and came out on the other side. The Bean is 10 weeks today and I can't believe how different he looks and acts. He's smiling and cooing and, as my SIL said last nite, changing from the new infant look to the baby look. We're getting professional pictures of him taken Saturday and I can't wait to see what Angela from A.V. Smith Photography does. She's a friend of a friend and from what I've seen on her website and blog she's great!

The Bean got his two month shots last Friday and did great. We both cried but once I could pick him up he settled down and didn't have any reactions. He slept tons over the weekend but if it means I get to sleep in too then I'll take it.

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