Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who Knew

Who knew that having a baby was so hard on a marriage. I mean people don't hesitate to give you all kinds of advice and "words of wisdom" about pregnancy, labor and raising a baby. However, they never bother to tell you the toll that having a baby can take on your marriage.

I just finished reading Babyproofing your Marriage. It gave me a lot insight on what's going on in my marriage right now and helped me to see that we're not alone. I took away a lot from reading it but mostly that the only way to ensure your marriage survives having kids is by communication and ensuring that you and your husband are a partnership. To bad this seems to be where we're falling short. I feel like I'm doing everything. Hubz has been working late a lot lately and it wouldn't be so bad if it was also bringing in tons of extra money but it's not. So he's working late, I'm stuck doing all baby duties on 5 hours of sleep after a 9-hour day, and he shows no appreciation. I wish he could find a job with set hours. Unfortunately, he doesn't have much job experience, outside of what he's currently doing, so finding a different job has proved difficult. My hope is that once he's finished his second year of school he'll be able to find something, but only time will tell.

Who knew that I would adjust to motherhood so easily. I was expecting to be overwhelmed but I'm not and haven't been. Well okay I was when he was admitted to the hospital but that's to be expected when your three day old is in the PICU, hooked up to machines and nobody can seem to figure out what's wrong. Actually to this day they still don't know what happened but he's doing 100% better and that's all I care about.

There's a lot of things I didn't know when I got pregnant. But these two are the biggest things I was surprised about. Hubz and I will get through this rough patch, which I'm sure he doesn't even realize we're having, and be stronger for it I'm sure.

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