Sunday, August 7, 2011

11 Months

My Little Bean
What is happening?!  Time is going by faster than I can keep up and all I want to do is wrap you in a bubble and make it stop!  But since that's not realistic, at least that's what daddy says, I continue to watch change and grow every day.

You're 11 months today!  While I know you're not aware of the way you've changed my life in the last 11 months I'm so very aware. I know that before I was your Momma and I was different, good or bad I could say, but now that past is but a blur. 

You've done tons of new things in the last month, most important being your saying Momma!!!!  I'm sure you don't realize what it means but it's a step in the right direction.  You now have 3 1/2 teeth, the second top one isn't quite through yet, and are getting back to sleeping through the nite.  You weigh about 20# and you're probably about 29in by now.  However, since we don't know your measurements for sure you're still riding around in the bucket seat, which daddy loves but Momma hates.  You eat anything I give you, although you're not a fan of steak or broccoli but neither is Momma so who could blame you.  You're all smiles when I pick you up from Ms. Diane's which melts my heart everyday and puts me in a great mood regardless of how bad work was that day.  You're finally getting past your sepeartion anxiety, which wasn't as bad as it could have been but still not fun regardless.  With the addition of Momma to your vocabulary you're up to 4 words (dadda, momma, uh-oh and hi <~you're first word).  You're not keen on walking and that's okay because I'm sure you'll be doing it before I know it.

Next month you'll have a day that's all about you and I'm sure I'll cry, they'll be happy tears though.  I can't believe how fast this year has gone.  But I'm forever thankful that God blessed me with you.  You're my reason for being Bean and that will always be.

Momma loves you!

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