Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On The Edge...

I'm on the edge, the edge of jumping back into the baby making game!  Quite honestly I've been ready since the Bean was 9 months but that was just crazy talk.  Hell it's crazy talk now since the kid still isn't sleeping through the nite, but I'm a glutton for punishment.  However, I'm not taking the leap, not yet anyway.  We said next Spring and by the grace of God I'll make it until then. I WILL make it until then, what with the Step-Son getting ready to head back to school and hubz deciding that one class on-line and class live isn't working out for him that means my life is about to become a little more hectic.  Now let's add to all the school madness that I'm about to have a toddling 1 year old and I think it may be just enough stress to remind me that we need this next season to really get our shite together, not to mention my house is a MESS, I swear it hasn't had a good cleaning since the Bean was born.  So the plan is in the next 6-months to start/finish some projects we've been putting off, get both vehicles paid off and consolidate our 3 joint accounts into 2 maybe 1.

While I'm waiting for the baby making to commence I'll be adding to our cloth diaper stash, getting the Bean started on cloth diapers and working on getting his Big Boy room ready for next summerish.  Speaking of Big Boys ... he's going to be 1 in 3 short weeks!  (TEAR) Birthday plans are coming along swimmingly.  Invites are going out tomorrow, although I was sad that the quality of the picture wasn't as good in print as I thought it was on the screen but nothing I can do now.  The girl that made them was super great to work with the picture quality had everything to do with me and I should have looked at it better when she sent me the file, but it's still super cute.  His little onsie should be here this weekend, in time for his pictures!

Speaking of pictures!  His one year pictures with Angela from A.V. Smith Photography are Sunday!  Can't wait.  We're doing them at a park near her house.  I'm making one of those Giant Cupcakes for him to smash and get into as well as a little tie for him to wear with his diaper.  Her work is great I can't wait to see what she does.

Okay well it's off to continue my teetering on the edge ...wish me luck!

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