Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1 Week

This time next week I'll have a 1 year old.  For 12 months I've watched in awe and amazement as this little person that grew inside me now grows everyday before my eyes.  I've said before that I tend to be hyper-emotional, even more now that I'm a Momma, but this week even more so and I imagine it will get worse as September 7th approaches.

Yesterday our photog sent the pictures from his 1st birthday/cake smash shoot and I'm glad I got them at the end of the day because I cried.  I cried because next Wednesday I'll no longer have a baby but at toddler.  I cried because my little boy is about to surpass yet another milestone.  Mostly though I cried because I remember just how close we were to not meeting this milestone after only 3 days of life.

I always believed in the power of prayer but after those first two weeks of the Bean's life I will proclaim to anyone that will listen that God is good and prayer is the MOST powerful tool we have in making miracles happen.

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