Saturday, May 7, 2011


Sir Trip
I have a million nicknames for you.  I'll probably have to settle on one eventually, so that you're not confused, but for now I just use them all until I find the one I love the most. 

I can't believe you're 8 months already!  I feel like we were just finding out about you and now you're one month closer to 1! This month was pretty slow in the realm of things but still monumental to Momma.  I'm watching you change every day and it makes me sad, happy and excited.  It's the circle of life really to watch you grow and change!  You celebrated your first Easter and are attemepting to start crawling but you're not really getting anywhere, and I think you're starting to get a little frustrated, but no worries you're still a mover.  You STILL have no teeth and at this rate I wonder if you'll have teeth to eat cake at your first birthday.  We bought your convertible car seat, even though you're not ready for it, and I can't believe that pretty soon you'll be sitting up like a big boy looking around and not lying in the bucket, where has the time gone.

Speaking of your first birthday....plans are already underway, sure it's still four months away but you and brother both have birthdays in September so Momma has to be on her game if she wants you both to have fantastic parties ... which really goes without saying. 

Sweet baby boy I couldn't be prouder to be your Momma you make me laugh, cry and stand in awe every day.  I know that these feelings will forever be a part of my life and I can't wait to see where the next month takes us.

Happy 8 months Bean! Momma loves you!

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