Monday, May 16, 2011

Again ...

I lost more weight in the last week I'm down almost two more pounds, 1.9 to be exact.  I can't believe how well I'm doing and I know it can't be like this forever but for now I'll take it! I've really been trying to be aware of what I'm putting in my mouth, especially since I'm a mindless eater, and it's really helping.

This week was pretty easy to stay on track.  Only one big road block and that was  a suprise party for a good friend.  Luckily since I was her distratction to get her out of the house we went to lunch so I didn't eat much at the actual party.

So now it's a new week and I'm determined to get at least 20 minutes of exercise in every day this week.  Monday and Thursday are easy because those are my Zumba days and I don't have anything else competing for my time.  It's Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday that are the issues, but I'm determined to lose this weight so I'll just have to figure it out.  Also, I'm trying to stop the late eating, lately I'm lucky if I get dinner before 8 because of being a weekday single mom but I'm going to try and stop eating every by 8, so that's 2 hours before bed, not sure if that's gonna make difference but we'll see.

So here's the stats:

Starting weight: 156.7
Today's weight: 153.1
Weekly loss: -1.9
Total loss: -3.6
First goal: 150 - (reward - massage)
Final goal: 130 (reward - COACH bag)


Unity Title said...

I'm so proud of you. I know your working hard at this, and you are doing such a great job!

curtsgrl said...

THANKS! I am working hard, especially when all I want to do when I get home is play with Trip and relax but I got get this weight off before the next baby.

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