Monday, October 6, 2008

1 year

One year today I married the love of my life. While it hasn't been the easiest year it's definately been memorable. In the last year we: got married, bought a puppy, hosted Christmas dinner, had our basement flooded numerous times, battled homebuying in a foreclouser market, bought a house and finally house broke aformentioned puppy. We also celebrated in the engagements of two of our sisters as well as two of my favorite UT girls and celebrated the arrival of our newest niece and newest adopted nephew.

In our first year of marriage I've truly come to belive that what does not kill us makes us stronger and that God has a plan for us. 5 years ago I would have never seen my self married, with a step-son, two dogs and house. But here I stand. Stronger, wiser and loved unconditionally. I know I'm not the easiest of people to love or even get a long with but some how God found this perfect man who compliments me and makes me stronger. I realize it's only one year, but I know that know matter what I can count on hubz to be by my side cheering me on no matter what and I'll be doing the same for him.

So where will be this time next year??? Maybe pregnant and definately celebrating life to the fullest.

For just in case he should decide to read this...not that he ever does:
I love you husband!!! Happy Anniversary!

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