Thursday, October 23, 2008


So back in April I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. I had been using MySpace but I liked the format and ease of Facebook alot more. Now I'm addicted to Facebook. Mostly b/c I have nothing to do at work, but also b/c it allows me to "talk" to some of my favorite people that I lost touch with after high school or that I just don't get to see or talk with everyday and some I do.

In other news I'm going to Williamsburg this weekend, w/out hubz, for a bowling tournament. Though I'm sad he can't come, the step-son has soccer and hubz has a big side job he needs to get done, I'm excited to get a weekend away. I'm staying at one of our timeshares and I can' wait to just relax with a good book, okay my Business Enterprises textbook but a book none the less, and just have peace and quite. No dogs, kid or husband. Should be nice.

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